Mattheus Els - Rolfing Munich | About Me
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About Me

I was born and raised in South Africa, but have had the fortune to live and work in many different countries. After four years of experiencing life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am back in Munich, Germany, where my Rolfing career started years ago.

Before it dawned on me that I want to be a Rolfer, I first studied Movement and Dance (Honnours Degree from the University on Stellenbosch in South Africa) and then Marketing and Public Relations. Having slaved 8 years in the advertising industry, suffering from back pain, I met a Rolfer and a new future opened up. Rolfing not only made sense to my body and mind, but my hands started to itch to learn the tools of the trade too. I studied Rolfing at the European Rolfing Institute, and at the same time completed training as a Woyo® /WorkOutYoga instructor.

I have had many excellent teachers in my life, but I have really learned more from my clients, especially those who come from other body cultures or backgrounds than what I am used to. Every time I meet with a new client, I feel like together we are embarking on a incredible journey that may include so many aspects, which, to my mind and experience, are all encapsulated in posture and movement. Changing the posture or our habitual movement patterns might for some be “just” relieve of pain, while for others it might be a life altering experience. But I really feel humbled to be part of each of these moments with my clients.

I am one of those blessed people who can say that he is happy with his job and his life.

I look forward to meet you!